3M ESPE Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine




3M ESPE Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine
Smart milling precision. 3-axis speed and precision, 5-axis milling when you need it.
The Lava CNC 500’s smart, 5-axis milling is ideal for full contouring, undercuts and abutments. Also convert to 3-axis milling at any time. So you can offer clients a more versatile source of CAD/CAM milling.
Workpiece magazine for 21 Lava™ frames
A workpiece magazine that gets the job done. Runs for 76 hours autonomously, without interaction
The Lava™ CNC 500’s workpiece magazine allows you to load and unload a variety of fame types without interrupting the milling process. You can mill up to 21 frames with as many as 10 units per frame without any manual interaction.
Worktool magazine for 31 burrs
A worktool with a brain. All burrs managed, stored, loaded and controlled automatically.
The CNC 500’s tool changer holds 31 tools of up to 50mm in length. It handles multiple materials, indications and has a 76-hour run time. Also, its in-built sensor detects incorrect tool placement, thus minimising mistakes.
Operator friendly touchscreen. All functions at your finger tip
The CNC 500’s touchscreen control center is conveniently located to provide easy access to the information you need, from burr status to milling time. Just touch the icons on the screen to manage your milling process.
Integrated dust compartment
Integrated dust collection. Keep control over dust and contamination
Both the milling hardware and the integrated suction system are designed to reduce dust and to avoid contamination. It can be connected to your central dust abatement system at no extra cost, and with no extra devices required. Also, it is quieter and consumes less energy than our previous milling machine

Supply voltage: 200–240 V AC
Nominal supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Nominal current: 4 A
Nominal output: 0,92 KW – 1,1 KW
Power fuse (external): 10 A (delay-action)
Air pressure: 6,5 b
Air volume: 250 l/min
Air purity: Class 344 DIN ISO 8573-1
Dimensions and Weight
Width: 1090 mm
Height: 1960 mm
Depth: 840 mm
Working height: 1063 mm
Weight: ca. 620 kg
Ambient Installation Conditions
Temperature range: 18–25°C
Relative humidity: max. 90%, non-condensing
Protection Class
Protection class: Machine IP 40
Sustained Sound Level at Workstation
Sustained sound level: 65 dB (A)


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