3M Lava Furnace 200




3M Lava Furnace 200
Faster sintering. Reduce your sintering time significantly.
Increase Productivity. Reduce your sintering time significantly.
Because you can sinter more units in each cycle, and increase the number of cycles per day, you can dramatically increase your daily output.
Three programs give you the flexibility to reduce oven time – all three programs are faster than the Lava™ Therm Furnace.
Consume less energy. Benefit from high technology.
Now you can do more with less. You can produce additional units with each sintering cycle. For the higher capacity, you can save on time, costs and wattage.

Technical information
Dimensions: 42 × 98 × 60 cm (width × height × depth)
Weight: 75 kg
Heating elements: 3 long-life SiC heating elements
Control unit: USB wired control unit with plain text menu
Firing temperature range: 50° C to 1600° C
Supply voltage: Furnace automatically adjusts to supplied voltage
Connectivity: USB port and Ethernet port


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