2023 3Shape D750




3Shape D750
NEW D750
The workhorse of lab productivity
2 x 1.3 MP cameras, Blue LED
Accuracy: 10 μm (ISO) / 12 μm (Implant bar)
Die scan time: 25 sec
Full arch scan time: 55 sec
Extended interior and multi-die scanning
Impression scanning

The D750 is a highperformance scanner and a workhorse of productivity. The right choice for medium-sized labs where high throughput is the key criterion, or for larger labs expanding their scan stations.
2 x 1.3 megapixels, blue LED
Scanaccuracy: 10 µm (ISO)
Scan time – full jaw: 55 sec.
Extent of delivery inclusive
High-Performance-PC incl. Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard
1 x Scanner calibration object
3 x Scanner interface plates
1 x Scan Fix putty
CAD software package
Dental Designer – Premium
Dental Manager & Dental Manager Inbox
TRIOS® Inbox


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