2023 3Shape D900L




3Shape D900L
Expanded space for larger models
Scan larger objects including mounted gypsum models, large impression trays, and models with attached articulators.
Accurate scanning with 4 x 5.0 MP cameras
The unique optical system gives users very high scan speeds, powerful color capture, enhanced details and implant bar accuracy.
Technologies for high speed and color capture
Enjoy astonishing scan speeds accelerated by optimized and intelligent 2D image processing algorithms. RealColor™ Technology captures all textures and colors on the model.
Save time by skipping the bite scan.
With the new patented Auto Occlusion™ technology, technicians only need to scan upper and lower and the system automatically calculates occlusion.
Transfer exact articulator positions
Optimized technology now makes it even easier to transfer the exact jaw positions from the physical articulator into the software.

Documented accuracy in all 3Shape scanners
3Shape measures, controls and documents scanner accuracy in its scanners using well-defined standards and metrology procedures. 3Shapes high scan accuracy is validated in accordance with ISO 12836. The standard specifies a test protocol for the assessment of crown and bridge accuracy in dental scanners. Implant bars and bridges represent the most accuracy-demanding indication and complementing the ISO standard, 3Shape additionally validates scan accuracy using specially designed implant objects.
High speed and colors
4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED
Accuracy: 7 μm (ISO) / 8 μm (Implant bar)
Die scan time: 15 sec
Full arch scan time: 35 sec
Color texture scanning
Extended interior and multi-die scanning
Impression scanning


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