2023 3Shape R2000 Orthodontic Scanner




3Shape R2000 Orthodontic Scanner
Upper/lower simultaneous scan
4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
Accuracy: 5 μm (ISO) / 8 μm (study model)
Plaster model time: 30 sec
Impression scan time: 75 sec
Color texture scanning
All-in-one scanning: room for 2 models
System includes:
ScanIt Orthodontics™ for 3D scanning of study models
& dental impressions
Ortho Analyzer™ for case analysis
Study Model Builder (including study model STL
Ortho Planner for treatment planning and monitoring
Appliance Designer™ CAD program for modeling of
orthodontic appliances (including design STL output)
3Shape Communicate Inbox for order reception
and filtering (20 connections included)
Remote assistance software


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