2023 3Shape TRIOS MOVE




With a 13.3-inch touchscreen on an adjustable arm, the TRIOS MOVE makes it simple to show digital impressions to your patients in order to explain their treatment plans and improve communication. The system features the same scanning technology as the TRIOS 3, including the option of a wireless model, and can capture full-color digital impressions, provide shade matching and more quickly and easily. As an open system, it can send digital impressions to almost any dental CAD/CAM software platform for the fabrication of almost any fixed, removable or orthodontic solution.
-13.3” Full HD
-Touch LCD screen
-The perfect size for bringing in front of a patient or when working with up close
-Adjustable arm & swiveling screen
-Bring the screen directly in front of the patient to involve them in the scanning process and the treatment planning
-Powerful custom PC designed for scanning
-Specifically designed for use with all 3Shape
-TRIOS® 3 scanners to give a fast and smooth scan experience straight out of the box


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