Acteon SOPRO 717 First




Product Description
The Sopro 717’s innovative design means it fits perfectly into all working environments without disrupting the way you are accustomed to doing things. A highly sophisticated optical unit and high-quality electronics have been developed around a 1/4″ CCD so the Sopro 717 can offer you exceptional image quality.


-New generation LED technology
-Very large depth of field: focus from 1-mm macro to infinite
-Analog and digital (USB 2.0) compatibility
-SoproShade to simplify shade selection
-SoproTouch sensor for convenient image capture


-High sensitivity 1/4” CCD.
-Resolution :(752×582) PAL ;(768×494) NTSC.
-Definition : 470 lines
-Sensitivity : 2 lux.
-Lighting : 8 LED.
-Adjustment : 3 pre-set positions (Extra-oral, Intraoral, Macro).
-2 SoproShade positions.
-Non-inverted image.
-Freeze Frame with SoproTouch or pedal (option).
-Angle of view : 70°.
-Cable length : 2,5m .
-Size of the handpiece : L.200 mm x l.28 mm x H.24mm.
-Size of the distal part : l.13mm x H. 8mm
-Weight : 75g.


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