Amann Girrbach artex cr




Amann Girrbach artex cr
Model management articulator and universal diagnosis and therapy unit in Arcon design
Produced by the dental technician in an articulator, a dental prosthesis must function with-out a problem for the patient. An articulator is a great way to emulate the patient‘s move-ments, saving the dentist chair-side time and the patient quite a bit of pain. The reproducible centric rela-tion ensures safe starting and end positions of every jaw movement. The Artex articula-tor can discover, check and remove any defects smaller than 20 µm.
Lightweight, stable, ergonomic and very precise – the Artex articulator facilitates and accel-erates work on the model. It is practice-oriented, reliable and competitively priced. For these reasons, the Artex brand enjoys such a good reputation and its articulators are among the most popular world-wide. The Artex product range employs a modular design and is focused on features that are really necessary.

Provides comprehensive adjustment possibilities to reproduce the patient’s clearance and movement dynamics
True masticatory simulator for practice and laboratory
Fully adjustable Artex® Carbon articulator offering additional functions


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