Amann Girrbach ceramill® argotherm 2




Amann Girrbach ceramill® argotherm 2
Shielding gas sinter furnace and flood chamber for Ceramill Sintron
The CoCr sintering furnace Ceramill Argotherm 2 is an integral part of a system with optimally coordinated components for processing the sinter metal Ceramill Sintron. Only the perfect adaptation of sinter metal, processing in the CAD/CAM system and completion in the sintering furnace ensure consistently high material quality – especially if it involves the mechanical properties and (micro-) structure of the finished restoration. Easy to operate at the press of a button, the Ceramill Argotherm 2 controls the sinter programme of the milled CoCr units.
The “core” of the system, the removable Ceramill Argovent sinter chamber, ensures minimal consumption of argon gas and homogeneous, distortion-free sintering of the restorations.

Your benefits
Controls the sinter programme, which was specially developed for Ceramill Sintron
Controls the shielding gas supply of the Ceramill Argovent sinter chamber
Coordinated system guarantees a constant high quality of the restoration
Actively cools after sintering
Sintering at the press of a button – very easy operation using touch-screen technology
Minimal shielding gas consumption
Perfect shielding gas flushing at the sinter framework
Active compressed air- and gas monitoring

Technical data
Dimensions D/W/H: 468 x 461 x 480 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Eletrical connections: V/Hz 220-240/50-60
Max. Power: 3,5 kW
Fuse (time-delayed): 4A
Degree protection – IP20
Thermal protection class according to DIN EN 60519-2: Class 0


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