AMANN GIRRBACH ceramill mikro 4X




AMANN GIRRBACH ceramill mikro 4X
Easy entry or efficient upgrading
Ceramill Mikro is an extremely robust and compact 4-axis milling machine for dry processing blanks and single blocks such as zirconia, hybrid ceramics or dry millable composite materials.

Equipped with high-performance components for permanent stability, economy and precision with low investment costs, the Mikro enables easy entry into CAD/CAM fabrication in-house in the laboratory or optimises the efficiency and productivity of the laboratory routine.

With the full range of conventional laboratory indications, Ceramill Mikro 4X paves the way to profitable in-house value creation, economy and accurately fitting framework quality without preparation or reworking.

High-performance milling thanks to DNA milling strategies
Easy entry or efficient upgrading thanks to low investment costs and high amortisation
Highly versatile due to 4-axis dry processing of blanks and hybrid ceramic blocks
Precise and durable thanks to high-quality components and robust machine design


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