AMANN GIRRBACH ceramill mikro 5X




AMANN GIRRBACH ceramill mikro 5X
5-axis technology concentrated in minimum space
Splints, bars, implant bridges – the 5-axis unit Ceramill Mikro 5X not only masters conventional crown and bridge work but was also designed for fabricating more complex indications with dry millable materials.
The high rigidity and stability of the machine are based on the compact construction design of the sister model Ceramill Mikro 4X, without having to forego the advantages of 5-axis technology. The result is absolutely low-vibration processing, which in combination with Ceramill control technology produces impressive precision on the blank.
Fast processing times, maximum quality and a wide range of indications and materials make the Ceramill Mikro 5X a genuine winner in the laboratory in terms of productivity.


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