Amann Girrbach ceramill mikro




Compact 4-axis milling machine for dry millable CAD/CAM materials
Ceramill Mikro is an extremely robust and compact 4-axis milling for inhouse processing of conventional laboratory materials. The Ceramill Mikro impresses in the daily routine of the laboratory with permanent precision when dry milling different CAD/CAM materials and therefore provides an uncomplicated introduction to CAD/CAM fabrication inhouse in the laboratory with simultaneously low investment costs.
Equipped with intelligent 4-axis technology and the same high-performance components as the bigger version Ceramill Motion 2, Ceramill Mikro improves the daily laboratory routine in terms of efficiency and productivity. Minimal maintenance and servicing complete the picture of the ideal machine for the daily laboratory routine.

Easy kick-off with CAD/CAM thanks to the minimum financial investment and high amortisation rate
Optimum back-up machine for the classic standard indications
Intelligent 4-axis technology for the processing of undercut areas
Highly precise and fast processing of all dry-millable CAD/CAM materials for a wide range of indications and full inhouse value creation
The construction of the machine and components used ensure top precision, stable processing quality and process reliability
Minimal upkeep and servicing
Highly precise and durable SycoTec spindle
Maximum stability and only minimal space required
High Definition (HD) milling mode creates finely contoured fissures without reworking
Can be used with open CAD/CAM systems (3Shape®, Dental Wings®)* (*after verification using the Ceramill Upload Tool)

Dimensions D/W/H: 410 x 410 x 540 mm
Weight: 50 kg
Electr. connected load: 100-230 V 50/60 Hz
Motor speed: 60000 min-1
Compressed air: 6 bar / 50 L/min
Extraction: prepared
Torque: 4 Ncm
Chuck diameter: 3 mm
Number of axes: 4


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