Amann Girrbach ceramill therm 3




Amann Girrbach ceramill therm 3

Amann Girrbach ceramill therm 3
Fully automatic high-performance furnace for final sintering of distortion-free zirconia frameworks
The Ceramill Therm 3 is a high temperature furnace with additional features. The milled Ceramill zirconiumoxide frameworks are densely sintered with the Ceramill Therm 3 and thus obtain their final density and the resulting excellent material properties. For sintering, the objects are placed onto sintering beads, which ensures a frictionless sintering process and thus distortion-free frameworks. The Ceramill Therm 3 offers high process reliability due to constant temperature control and homogeneous temperature distribution in the firing chamber. As a result of this, the user is able to safely control if the final density and thus strength of the frameworks has been achieved. The user has 9 sintering programme locations at his disposal; 6 of them can be individually programmed


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