2023 Bluephase 20i




Bluephase® 20i
The battery-operated Bluephase 20i combines the high light intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2 in the Turbo program with a short curing time of 5 seconds for light and dark composites while being gentle to the pulp and the soft tissue.
The full capacity of Bluephase 20i is particularly useful when consistent and maximum performance is required, for instance when indirect all-ceramic restorations are placed or orthodontic brackets are bonded. Due to the high efficiency, high output and the integrated fan for continuous cooling, adhesively cemented IPS Empress and IPS e.max restorations are polymerized in no time.

Very short curing times due to high light intensity
Polywave LED with halogen-like broadband spectrum from 385 to 515 nm
Suitable for all materials
Click & Cure for battery-independent emergency corded operation
Four programs for curing close to the pulp, high speed curing and low shrinkage
Internal fan allowing for continuous curing


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