2023 Bluephase Style




Bluephase Style represents the latest in LED curing light technology. With patented Polywave technology to cure all dental materials, a newly designed light probe for easy access to posterior teeth and the option to be used cordless or corded, Bluephase Style provides the ultimate curing experience for you and your patients.
Bluephase Style has been designed with the end user in mind. With improvements such as its slim and lightweight design, the intuitive two button operation and the inductive charging system, you will wonder how you ever worked without it!
Slim and ergonomic design makes it comfortable for all hands
Polywave LED with halogen like broadband spectrum of 385-515 nm
Newly designed light probe provides easy access to posterior teeth
Large treatment field due to 10mm light probe
Cordless or corded operation
Intuitive two-button operation
Energy efficient LED technology allows for continuous curing
Available in 3 colors (grey, pink and blue)


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