2023 Carestream dental 7200




Carestream dental 7200

Combining the benefits of both film and digital, the CS 7200 imaging plate system is an affordable solution for any practice. In addition to being the perfect chairside companion, the system covers a range of everyday intraoral applications—and there’s no compromise to image quality.
Compact, slim, & quiet
The CS 7200’s space-saving design not only allows the unit to be placed in small places, but it also makes it the ideal chairside companion—giving you the ability to perform routine intraoral exams without ever leaving your stool.
Slim, compact design fits practically anywhere
Quiet scanning ensures a more comfortable exam
Unit connects directly to computer via USB connection
Covers daily intraoral indications, including periapical, bitewing, and pediatric exams

A cost-effective solution
With a streamlined workflow that puts high-quality images in your hands almost instantly, the CS 7200 will certainly boost your practice’s efficiency—but it offers far more than just that.
Eliminates film and chemical expenses
Durable, scratch-resistant plates can be reused hundreds of times
Replacement plates are relatively inexpensive
Familiar workflow minimizes training needsIncludes Carestream Dental’s powerful and easy-to-use imaging software


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