2023 Carestream dental CS 2200




Carestream dental CS 2200

The KODAK 2200 Intraoral X-Ray System features the performance of the previous generation of KODAK x-ray units plus an improved design for more accurate diagnosis and ease of use. The system is designed to meet all your needs for comfort, safety and efficiency. A very high frequency (DC) x-ray generator supports superior image quality and better safety conditions for your patients and your staff. This unit is Digital Capable with DC Operation.
KODAK 2200 Intraoral X-ray System Technical Specifications:
X-ray generator High frequency (300 kHz)
Focal spot 0.7 mm
Tube voltage 60 kV, 70 kV
Mounting Options Wall, ceiling, mobile, floor
Arm Lengths Standard (188 cm/74 in.)
2 Types of Timer Portable or separate
Timer Settings kV, mA, adult/child, upper and lower jaw program, bitewing and occlusion function, film sensitivity
Options and Accessories Synchronization link with KODAK RVG system, collimators, long cone


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