2023 Carestream dental Kodak RVG 5100 System




Take a first step into digital dental radiography with the RVG 5100 Digital Radiography System. An ideal solution for your basic intraoral imaging needs, the easy-to-use sensor uses lightning-fast USB 2.0 technology to deliver exceptional images quickly and easily. With a true resolution of 14 lp/ mm, the RVG 5100 System delivers dental radiography images of the same or higher quality than other intraoral sensors on the market—so you no longer have to sacrifice image quality for affordability.
Kodak RVG 5100 Digital Radiography System
The Kodak RVG 5100 system lets you capture and analyze high quality digital radiographs quickly and easily. Like all Kodak Dental Imaging System, it is designed to give you superior results and it is backed up by Kodak expert support team.
True Image Resolution
14 lines/mm
Theoretical Image Resolution
27.03 lines/mm
Super CMOS with Fiber Optics
USB-2 High Speed
Outer Dimension
27.5mm x 37.7 mm
Dimension of Active Area
22 x 30 mm


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