2023 Carestream dental RVG 5200




Carestream dental RVG 5200

The RVG 5200 makes image acquisition fast and easy: the captured images appear on your screen in seconds. The intuitive sensor is always armed and ready to acquire images, and it no longer features a control box. Simply position, expose and view. The RVG 5200’s workflow-facilitating features also include a high exposure range to help you capture the perfect image first time. The convenient dose indicator also identifies over or under-exposures to help you easily readjust the settings. Furthermore, if you encounter any problems during positioning, there is no need to rearm the sensor. The user-defined image processing tools allow you to program new default settings, either by using the pre-set tools or defining your own. TWAIN compatibility means the sensor can be integrated with almost any imaging and dental practice management software, including Carestream Dental practice management software.
The RVG 5200 eases and speeds your workflow thanks to its ensemble of customisable image capture and processing features. Software and hardware advances allow a more confident diagnosis. Furthermore, if a second option is required, the imaging software has a functionality that makes sharing, importing and exporting images quick and simple. This state-of-the-art technology creates a customised comfort zone for every appointment – and makes explaining your diagnosis to your patient easier than ever. It also means less time in the chair for you patient, which further enhances their satisfaction and loyalty.
With RVG 5200 your money is well-invested in an exceptionally rugged and reliable piece of equipment. Our exhaustive testing process simulates the tough working conditions of a busy dental practice and ensures you’re more than prepared for any situation that tests hardware durability to the limit.
The RVG 5200 sensor reduces the connection points along the cable by 50% compared to earlier models and is injection moulded for reinforced durability. And the cable is stronger and more flexible than ever: it is made from protective alloy mesh for supreme flexibility and Teflon lining to reduce friction during bending. A shock resistant and waterproof casing securely protects the sensor, which during testing is immersed in water for 24 hours to guarantee the hermetic seal. Being both air- tight and watertight, there is no risk of damage to the CMOS sensor component during oral use or the disinfection process.
With the RVG 5200 we have created a supremely easy installation and maintenance process. This makes it the ideal choice for those employing digital imaging for the first time, converting from another digital system, or upgrading from a previous generation RVG sensor. Once up and running, the post-installation tool verifies that the sensor is correctly installed and checks communication with the software. Service tools are provided for trouble-shooting issues and provide feedback that helps you become more familiar with the technology


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