Dental Zirconia Sintering Oven





  • Overall dimension:57x34x38cm
  • Max.Temperature:1700℃
  • Temperature Accuracy:±1℃
  • Power:1000W
  • Voltage:110/220V, 50/60HZ
  • Chamber Size:130mm*110mm*70mm
  • Total Program No.:4 programs
  • Net Weight:46 KG

Dental Zirconia Sintering Oven

The sintering oven with a high-quality burning capacity is used to cure the zirconia crown, bridges, and other prostheses.

Zirconia is an ideal material for outstanding dental fabrications and the Zirconia Sintering oven offers rapid and fast sintering.

The sintering oven excellently regulates the temperature changes and can accurately operate in the dental laboratory with touch LCD screen.

Dental Zirconia Sintering Oven touch screen

The heating furnace provides constant heating and prevents heat fracture or damage.

Material:The sintering oven is made of stainless steel.

There are four exist programming setting: normal sintering, rapid sintering, customs sintering etc., The sintering zirconia oven enable to process 80pcs restoration workpiece at one time with 3 crucibles, it takes short hours (3 hours) to finish the zirconia sintering procedure.


Dental Zirconia sintering oven is used for the heating of dental zirconia crowns, appliances, and prostheses.


1. Built in multiple sintering process
2. Simple and convenient operation
3. Most can burn 100 teeth
4. Up to 3 sintered discs
5. Can freely set up procedures to meet all the requirements of zirconium oxide


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