Dentistry Chairside Milling Unit: Dry 5-axis



Unlock the full potential of chairside dental restorations with our advanced 5-axis milling unit.

Experience compact size, intelligent processing, and high efficiency, empowering you to deliver precise and seamless dental restorations to your patients.

Tiny overall dimension and light weight design-Net weight: 60Kg, size: 470*393*475mm.


CAD/CAM Dentistry Chairside Milling Machine, Dry 5-axix

Chairside Milling Machine Material options

This chairside milling unit is designed for precise dry milling of a wide range of applications. It features a 5-axis system that allows for a high degree of flexibility and accuracy. It is designed for high-speed production and features a powerful motor to ensure quick and efficient milling.

The unit is equipped with a high-quality cutting head that can handle a wide variety of materials, from zirconia to peek. The unit is easy to use and easy setup and use. The unit is also designed for easy maintenance and cleaning to ensure a long service life.


Volume 470*393*475mm
Motor Micro Step Servo
Spindle 500w+ATC
Spindle Cool Air Cool
Workpiece Cool Dust Clean
Tool Library 6
Tool Size R1*L18mm/R0.5*L16mm/R0.3*L10mm
Power 1.0kw
Gross Weight 75kg
Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy 0.08mm
Maximum Speed 3600mm/min
A-axis Rotation Angle (-25)-(25)
B-axis Rotation Angle 0-(360)
Machinable Material Size 98*10-25mm/CERCON 105*10-25mm
Machinable products Coping Coping bridge
Crown Bridge Crown
Telescope Inlay
Veener Onlay
Hybrid Model
WaxRPD All oral dental
Surgical Guides Orthodontic braces


air cool system

1. Compact Structure (Measuring 470x393x475mm) for Space Efficiency and Easy Integration
2. Box Structure for High Rigidity and Resistance Against Deformation
3. Comprehensive Alarms and Protections: Low Pressure of the Air Cooling, Unsuccessful Grasping/Returning of Burs, Bur Breakage, Wrong Tool Number

air cool system
4. Open Controller System Compatible with Popular CAM Software

5. Intelligent Processing with Touch Screen Control and One-Button Operation
6. High Efficiency with High-Power Frequency Conversion and High-Speed Tool Changing Spindle

Milled restoration cases:

chairside millable restoration case


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