DEXIS Platinum Digital Radiography




Digital X-ray Sensor
The DEXIS™ Platinum Sensor is a breakthrough direct-USB digital x-ray solution. This single-sensor concept is portable, comfortable, and with PureImage™ Technology, the image quality is even more remarkable.

PerfectSize™ Sensor—One Size Fits All
TrueComfort™ Design
WiseAngle™ Cable Exit
PureImage™ Technology
ScatterGuard™ Protection
Direct USB Connectivity
Custom-fit Holders

Remarkable Image Quality
The ability to see subtleties using digital radiography is crucial to diagnosis, collaboration, and patient communication. Through a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies, the DEXIS Platinum sensor is able to deliver clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear and highly detailed.

KaVo DEXIS Platinum Sensor ClearVu
Quantum Efficiency
Fancy words, simple concept: DEXIS hardware and software work in harmony to compensate for radiation variances thus guarding against under and over exposure. That means you are able to get more clinically useable, more consistent images at a wider range of exposure settings. You benefit from a reduction in the number of exposure-related dental X-ray retakes, and your patients benefit from the reduction in radiation.

KaVo DEXIS Platinum Sensor Perfect Size

PerfectSize™ Sensor
The ability to take vertical AND horizontal bitewings AND all periapicals with a single sensor eliminates the cost and inconvenience of using multiple sensors of different sizes.

KaVo DEXIS Platinum Sensor
Direct USB Connectivity
The DEXIS direct-USB sensor is ultra-portable making it an affordable solution for multiple operatories. Since it’s hot-swappable with no adaptive device required, the sensor can easily be moved from room to room without disrupting workflow. And best of all, you need only a single sensor to take ALL X-ray images — vertical AND horizontal bitewings AND all periapicals. There is no need for a separate adapter or docking station. DEXIS is the first to offer gold plating on the sensor’s USB connector for better durability.

KaVo DEXIS Platinum Sensor Wise Angle
WiseAngle Cable Exit
Located on the sensor’s back, the patented WiseAngle Cable Exit eases positioning, and helps patients better tolerate the procedure. It also allows cable flexibility, reducing stress on the connec­tion to increase reliability.


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