2023 Durr dental VistaPano S




The new digital panoramic radiography device with S-Pan technology
Compared to other new panoramic devices in which the sharpest areas must be manually selected, Dürr Dental‘s S-Pan technology goes a step further: It can acquire multiple layers of images from a single exposure. Each layer will be split in fragments. The best focused fragments are selected and recompiled to generate the panoramic image. Thus all sections of the image are as sharp as possible because they include individual anatomical features, as well as the patient’s position. This means that all important diagnostic information, such as roots in the upper and lower jaw bones, are sharply displayed, the mandibular canal is readily visible, and bone structure is clear.
In addition to the S-Pan technology, the display allows for setting a quick-scan function, producing your image within only 7 seconds and thereby
reducing radiation dose.

Technical Details X-ray HV-Generator
Typ, Model DG-07C11T2 (H-Type)
Voltage (kV) 60-90
Current (mA) 4-16

X-ray tube
Manufacturer Toshiba
Focal spot (mm) 0,5 (IEC60336)
Total filtration (mm) 2,8 AL

Imaging detector
Type Csl Sensor, Xmaru1501CF-HS
Pixel size (µm) 100
Active sensor area (mm) 6 x 150,4
Frame rate (fps) 300

Technical Details VistaPano S
Line voltage (V AC) 100-120 / 200-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Nominal power (kVA) 2,0
Scan times (seconds) 2,5-13,5
(Erwachsenen Panoramaaufnahme im Normalmodus: 7)
Adult panoramic shot (seconds) From 7
Magnification factor 1,3
Width x depth x height 990 x 1130 x 2280 mm
Height-adjustable area (mm) 700
Weight (kg) 135
Installation Wall mounting, stable foot optional


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