2023 Durr Vector Paro




Durr Vector Paro
Safe, gentle, and protective: The Vector principle
Sonic and ultrasound instruments have become established in periodontal treatment as an alternative to traditional manual instruments. However, ultrasonic instruments have disadvantages as well as advantages:
Often, they move elliptically, meaning that even and vibration-free work is not always possible on every single tooth surface. This can result in irritation and unwanted loss of substance on the root surface. The method thus far unrivaled, and meticulously put into practice by Dürr Dental: The Vector principle – a provably gentle and mild periodontal treatment.
The ultrasound energy is accurately deflected in a linear direction. Thanks to this patented vibration deflection system, the instruments are then moved parallel to the surface of the root only. Treatment can be administered in a clinically efficient manner using ultrasound energy, causing no trauma to the patient.
The range of uses extends from removing subgingival plaque to removing supragingival tartar. In addition, the system has advantages when it comes to dental implant care and periodontitis treatment.

This is what counts:
The Vector principle:
Linear deflection of the ultrasound dynamics in the Paro handpiece
Instrument movement axially, parallel to the surface of the root
Precise 90° deflection vertically
Tremor-free work
Careful removal of biofilm, bacteria and deposits
Smooth, clean surfaces
Thorough and sensitive like no other system

Vector Paro technical data
Connection values (V/Hz) 230, 50/60
Working frequency (kHz) 25-35
Water container filling amount (ml) 600
Paro handpiece water consumption (ml/min) approx. 30
Vector Fluid polish (μm) average grain size: <10
Vector Fluid polish bag content (ml) 200
Dimensions (H x D x W cm) 16 x 21.5 x 25.5
Weight (kg) 2.5


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