2023 Durr VistaPano S Ceph




Durr VistaPano S Ceph
Quick cephalometric projections with low X-ray dose
Quick cephalometric X-ray images with excellent image quality are achieved with the new VistaPano S Ceph and with the lowest possible dose. The reason for this is the extreme short scanning time of the line sensor – 4.1 senconds only – which significantly reduces the risk of motion blur. For young patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, the combination of low X-ray dose and short scanning time presents a considerable advantage. The two high-end CsI sensors – for panoramic X-ray and Ceph projection – already integrated in the unit eliminate the time-consuming switching of the sensor, and thus the risk of damage. All this makes VistaPano S Ceph the ideal X-ray solution for orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial surgery. In addition, the VistaPano S Ceph offers you all functions and advantages of the VistaPano S.

This is what counts:
Very fast scan in 4.1 seconds (lat. head)
Excellent image quality
Low radiation dose
No sensor change, 2 high-end CsI sensors are integrated

Technical Data VistaPano S Ceph
X-ray HV generator
Voltage, current 50 – 99 kV, 4 – 16 mA
Focal spot 0.5 mm (IEC60336)
Total filtration 2.8 mm Al eq.
Image detector
Model CsI sensor
Pixel size 100 μm
Active sensor size 5.9 x 230.4 mm
Frame rate 200 fps
Scan times
Scan times From 4.1 to 12.9 secs.
Ceph program scanning times Lateral head radiograph in quick scan mode: 4.1 sec.
Magnification factor
Magnification factor 1.14
Device dimensions
Maximum height 2280 mm
Weight (without/with foot) 129/179 kg
Height adjustment range 700 mm
Width x depth x height 1940 x 1220 x 2280 mm
Installation Wall mounting or foot
Electrical connection
Mains voltage 200 – 240 V AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated power 2.2 kVA


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