Eighteeth Nanopix Intraoral X-ray Sensor



Eighteeth Nanopix Intraoral X-ray Sensor

World’s thinnest and most economical intraoral X-ray sensor



Unique Design

    • Ergonomic design: Cupped cable connection ensures comfortable finger positioning
    • Robust cable connection
    • Ultra-thin body design: 4.4mm – The thinnest X-Ray sensor

AED Technology

  • From chest radiography
  • Compatible with almost all DC & AC X-Ray generators
  • Digital images come automatically when your X-Ray is switched on

APS CMOS Technology

  • From aerospace industry
  • High signal-to-noise ratio with maximum details
  • Long life and low power consumption

Direct Deposition CSI Technology

  • From chest radiography
  • Low dose radiation for safety
  • Less exposure time but higher resolution

Smart Software

  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Faster image acquisition & better-quality images
  • Optional image preference


Eighteeth Nanopix Dental RVG is a state-of-the-art intraoral X-ray sensor that boasts a unique and ergonomic design, making it comfortable for dentists and patients alike. Its cupped cable connection ensures that fingers are positioned comfortably during the imaging process, while the robust cable connection guarantees the device’s durability. NanoPix is also incredibly thin, measuring just 4.4mm, which makes it the thinnest X-ray sensor on the market today. It utilizes AED technology, which is compatible with almost all DC and AC X-ray generators, allowing digital images to be acquired automatically when the X-ray is switched on.Eighteeth Nanopix Dental RVG also utilizes APS CMOS technology, which was originally developed for the aerospace industry. This technology offers a high signal-to-noise ratio with maximum details, has a long lifespan, and consumes low power. the Nanopix Dental RVG offers significant cost savings, with a 1/10 cost per patient compared to film-based X-ray systems. The imaging process with this device is also incredibly fast, with the entire process taking just 3 seconds to complete. the Nanopix Dental RVG comes equipped with smart software that is easy to install and offers a user-friendly interface. It also enables faster image acquisition and provides better-quality images.

Key Specifications:


  NanoPix1 NanoPix2
Detector Technology APS CMOS APS CMOS
Scintillator Csl Csl
Pixel Matrix 1000*1500 1300*1800
Theoretical Resolution 25Ip/mm 25Ip/mm
True Resolution 20Ip/mm 20Ip/mm
Active Area (mm) 20*30 26*36
Mechanical Size (mm) 25.4*36.8*4.4 30.4*41.9*4.4
AD Conversion (bit) 16 16
Data Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Protection Ip68 IP68


  • 1 x Intraoral X-Ray Sensor


Q:What is the NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor?
A:The NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor is an advanced dental imaging device designed to provide high-quality radiographic images of teeth and surrounding structures. It utilizes innovative CMOS technology to produce clear and detailed images, allowing dental professionals to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental conditions with precision.

Q:How does the NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor work?
A:The NanoPix sensor is designed to be used with dental X-ray units and imaging software. It captures images using advanced CMOS technology, which is highly sensitive to X-rays and produces high-quality images with exceptional clarity and detail. The images can then be viewed and analyzed using compatible imaging software.

Q:What are the benefits of the NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor?
A:The NanoPix sensor offers numerous benefits for dental professionals, including high-quality imaging capabilities, compatibility with most dental X-ray units and imaging software, and ease of use. Its advanced CMOS technology allows for exceptional image quality and lower radiation exposure for patients, while its compact size and ergonomic design make it comfortable for patients to tolerate.

Q:How is the NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor different from other dental imaging devices?
A:The NanoPix sensor is unique in that it utilizes advanced CMOS technology, which offers numerous advantages over other imaging technologies, such as CCD. CMOS technology produces higher-quality images, requires less radiation exposure, and is faster and more energy-efficient. The NanoPix sensor is also designed to be compatible with most dental X-ray units and imaging software, making it a versatile solution for dental practices of all sizes.

Q:Is the NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor easy to use?
A:Yes, the NanoPix sensor is designed to be easy to use. Its plug-and-play design allows for easy integration into existing imaging workflows, and its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to position and manipulate during image capture. The device’s software also includes various image enhancement tools that make it easier for dental professionals to identify potential issues with greater accuracy.

Q:Is the NanoPix Intraoral X-ray Sensor safe for patients?

A:Yes, the NanoPix sensor is designed to minimize radiation exposure for patients. Its advanced CMOS technology requires less radiation to produce high-quality images, and its small size allows for targeted imaging of specific areas. The device also complies with all relevant safety regulations and guidelines.


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