Genoray CBCT Papaya 3D Pluse



Genoray CBCT Papaya 3D Pluse

Highly advanced CBCT Machine with combination of 3D CT, Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging


Dental CBCT Machine – Genoray Papaya 3D Plus is a highly advanced imaging machine are capable to scan all necessary parts mouth and head that are required for dental surgical treatments.

  • General papaya 3D is a combination of 3D CT, Panoramic and Cephalometric (optional), to meet all diagnostic needs.
  • PAPAYA 3D with the design concept of Smooth rounded pebble awarded Design R&D Convergence by Korea ministry of Design motivation and awarded design grand prize by KEIT.
  • Different dedicated CMOS flat panel sensors for 3 different need, so long-lasting performance and long life as no overload on a single sensor for both 2D and 3D image. (*Amorphous Silicon flat-panel detector available in premium version).
  • Scout mode to avoid positioning errors.
  • Smart metal artefact removal feature ( SMARF) for more clarity
  • 2Sec Ceph (plus) – Innovative sensor technology acquires the cephalometric image in just 2 seconds, thus preventing patient movement and increasing image quality.
  • One-Shot Ceph is available in the premium version only.


TRIANA – Genoray’s 3D reconstruction viewer Clearly defined images in three dimensions provide users with accurate diagnostic information.

3D Volume Rendering
Various volume rendering options such as Gray, X-Ray, MIP etc provide 3D image visualization

MPR (Multi-Planar Formatting)
MPR mode provides three plain view (axial, cornal and sagittal) on one screen for focused area diagnosis

Curved MPR
Possible to reconstruct the sectional images which is via any curves from Panoramic,Cross-sectional, Longitudinal

Dental Reformatting
Using panoramic, cross-sectional and longitudinal 2D view, you can plan your ‘perfect’ implant positioning

Image Color-mapping
Color mapping increases the visibility of lesions

Measuring tools
Distance, Angle, Profile and arrow provides easy to use measuring tools.

Implant planning
Multiple layout support and nerve implementation enables accurate implant planning

Complete Implant Library

Support for DICOM 3.0

CDSee generates an external output on CD, DVD or USB storage of 3D volume data with free version of Triana.

Key Specification:

  • 19 FOV – 3.5×4 to 14×14 (CT)
  • World class Endo image quality (75 Micron Voxel)
  • 7.7 sec Fast Scan for 3D image
  • Dedicated sensor for CT, Ceph & Pano
  • Scout Mode – avoid positioning errors


Technical Specifications – PAPAYA 3D PLUS
Exposure Time Panoramic :- (9 ~ 17 sec)
Cephalometric :-(4 ~ 12 sec)
CT (SS):-(7.7/14.5 se)
FOV  Φ35 x 40mm ~ Φ140 x 140mm (19 programs available)
Voxel Size 75~400 μm adjustable
Focal Spot  0.5mm
Target Angle
Tube Voltage  60 ~ 90kV
Tube Current 4~12 mA
Line Voltage  220V, 50/60Hz
Sensor Specifications – PAPAYA 3D PLUS
Pixel Pitch 100 x 100 μm
Active Area 130.2 x 128 mm
Panoramic Cephalometric
Pixel Pitch 100 x 100 μm 75 x 75 μm 75 x 75 μm
Active Area 130.2 x 128 mm 152 x 6.45



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