Instrumentarium Dental™ OP200 D




Instrumentarium Dental OP200 D
Advanced Panoramic Imaging, Built to Last
For advanced panoramic imaging, the Instrumentarium Dental™ ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP200 D is a wise investment for today and tomorrow. Consistent gold standard image quality, a versatile selection of programs and automatically correct values offer the power to diagnose quickly.

Repeatable image quality
Accurate patient positioning
Ability to upgrade with a cephalometric arm
Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) reduces radiation
V-shaped beam for optimal image quality
Versatile selection of imaging programs
Unsurpassed ceph results

Technical Details
Focal Spot
0.5 mm, according to IEC 336
Tube Voltage
57–85 kV
Tube Current
2–16 mA
Nominal Voltage
110/230 VAC +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
HU Capacity
28 kJ, 40 000 HU
Minimum Total Filtration
Minimum 2.5 mm Al
Wheelchair accessible
Image Detector
Sensor Pixel Size
48 x 48 µm
Image Pixel Size
96 x 96 µm
Scan/Exposure Time
2.7–14.1 seconds
Image Field Height
147 mm/ 5.8 inches
120 mm/ 4.7 inches pediatric (P2)
Imaging Programs
Standard, Pediatric, Ortho Zone, Orthogonal, Wide Arch, Lateral TMJ, PA TMJ, Maxillary Sinus, Bitewing
175 kg / 385 lbs
Image Detector
Sensor Pixel Size
48 x 48 µm
Image Pixel Size
96 x 96 µm
Scan/Exposure Time
5–20 seconds
Image Field Height
221 mm/ 8.7 inches
210 kg/ 465 lbs
Minimum System Requirements for 3D Acquisition Workstation
CPU (processor)
Intel® Core™ i3, 2‑cores or more
GPU (graphics processing unit)
No special requirements
RAM (memory)
4 GB or more
Storage (hard disk)
8 GB free disk space, 100 GB or more recommended, plus backup
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mb/s or Fast Ethernet 100 Mb/s
Operating System
Windows® 10 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported
Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise with SP1, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported
1680 x 1050 resolution higher, at least 300 cd/m2 brightness for typical room lighting, native contrast ratio 100:1 or better, 8‑bit panel strongly recommended
OpenCL 1.1 support
Slot for optical adapter card
DVD‑ROM drive
Anti‑virus software
Please refer to software and device installation manuals for detailed requirements
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