Instrumentarium Dental ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 MAXIO




Instrumentarium Dental ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP300 MAXIO
The OP300 Maxio offers expanded fields of view for 3D imaging with a new maximum size of 13 x 15 cm which is capable of imaging both the mandibular and maxilla along with airways, the upper cervical spine or sinus area, according to a press release. The field of view can be set as small as 5 x 5 cm for imaging of a single implant site. These settings allow clinicians to minimize radiation exposure by capturing just the anatomy needed for the case.

Additionally, a new Low Dose Technology (LDT) allows the system to capture optimized images across all fields of view with radiation up to 5 times lower than that used to capture a traditional 2D panoramic image. This setting is well suited for use with pediatric patients, follow up imaging and implant planning.

The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 Maxio includes Invivo 5.3 software for enhanced treatment planning capabilities. The software can incorporate digital impressions with the 3D cone beam scans for detailed implant planning and better communication with dental labs.


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