Instrumentarium Dental ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300




Instrumentarium Dental ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300
ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP300 is the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform designed for today and tomorrow. OP300 combines an advanced panoramic imaging system with either cephalometric or cone beam 3D or a combination of both, giving you a truly adaptable platform. In addition, all of these options can be upgraded in the field after the initial purchase.

Gold Standard Image Quality
Image quality is a result of many elements, such as the carefully planned features, chosen technology and sufficient technical characteristics of the system, along with proper patient positioning.
Stable and open patient positioning
Latest sensor technology
Complete usability
Multilayer pan

Confident Diagnosis
Two fields-of-view combined with integrated motorized chin rest enable free FOV positioning within maxillofacial area. This ensures multiple different modalities from 3D TMJ analysis into implant planning with drilling guides.
Two available fields of view with 3D option
Two available resolutions
Metal artifact reduction (MAR) tool
Smartview positioning assistance

Unsurpassed Cephalometric Results
A scanning cephalometric option combined with a powerful X-ray generator and tube head offers unsurpassed visibility of tracing key reference points for orthodontic treatment planning.
Fully adjustable scanning


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