Ivoclar Bluephase N




Ivoclar Bluephase N

By covering the complete wavelength range and providing a light intensity of 1,200 mW/cm2, the LED curing light Bluephase N sets highest standards. It meets all the demands of day-to-day dental procedures thanks to its many innovations.

Due to the revolutionary Polywave technology, for example, this curing light can be used for all indications and in any situation. Furthermore, the Click & Cure function allows for continuous oper-ation without interruption – even in extensive direct and indirect restorative treatment procedures.


  • Suitable for the polymerization of all light-curing dental materials in the wavelength range of 385 – 515 nm
  • These materials include restoratives, adhesives, bases, liners, fissure sealants, temporaries, as well as luting materials for brackets and indirect restorations, such as ceramic inlays

Features :-

  • Polywave LED with halogen-like broadband spectrum of 385 to 515 nm.
  • Suitable for fast curing of all light initiator systems.
  • For all indications due to continuous cooling.
  • Click & Cure for battery-free emergency operation with the power pack.
  • 3 curing modes: High Power (1,200 mW/cm2) for quick polymerization, Low Power (650 mW/cm2) for polymerization near the pulp and Soft Start (650 – 1,200 mW/cm2) for polymerization with reduced shrinkage stress.
  • Rotatable 10-mm light probe for optimal access to all restored areas.

Key Specifications :-


Light intensity 1,200 mW/cm2
All light-curing materials
Wavelength range
(385 – 515 nm)
All the time
Click & Cure function
Absolutely mobile
Wireless operation
All indications
Continuous operation of >10 minutes
Curing times for selected composite materials
2 mm Tetric N-Ceram
4 mm Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill
10 s
HIGH Power 1,200 mW/cm2
LOW Power 650 mW/cm2
SOFT Start 650 / 1,200 mW/cm2
Light probe 10 mm, black
Battery Lithium-Polymer
Capacity approx 60 miinutes
Charging Time approx 2 hours


Packaging :-

  • 1 x Bluephase N


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