2023 Ivoclar Vivadent Articulator Stratos 200




The Stratos 200 is a biofunctional, semi-adjustable articulator with a variety of adjustment possibilities provided by the exchangeable joint inserts. It has been specifically designed for use in fixed and removable denture prosthetics.
The ergonomic incline supports offer users ample space and provide optimum working conditions. The state-of-the-art design and high quality of the apparatus set new standards in articulator technology.
Easy handling
Centric fixation for exact set-up position
Upper and lower frame can be easily separated
Optimized joint mechanics with exchangeable Bennet and protrusion inserts as well as retrusive movement
Choice between fixed or swivel joint axis
Ergonomic design with adequate working space
ISS screw for the immediate side shift
Practice-oriented range of accessories
Compatibility with split-cast systems and systems for coordination (Adesso-Split, Quick-Split)
Technical data
Bonwill triangle 108 mm
Balkwill angle 15°
Protrusion path angle 0°–60°
Bennett angle 15°, 30°
Retrusion path angle 35°


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