2023 Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase Meter II




Bluephase Meter II is a precise dental radiometer for the quick and easy verification of the light intensity of all types of curing lights.
Only a regular performance verification ensures adequate polymerization for a consistently high quality of light-curing restorations.
With the help of the Bluephase Meter II, the light intensity [in mW/cm2] as well as the light power [in mW] can be measured quickly and accurately at any time. Readings are obtained in three simple steps: Measure the diameter of the light probe using the template on the back, enter the value and illuminate the sensor with the help of the centering gauge.
The innovative measuring principle results in an exceptional measuring accuracy that has never been achieved before. In addition, Bluephase Meter II is suitable for all types of curing lights.

High measuring accuracy with a tolerance of only ± 10 % compared to the measurement with an integrating sphere
Suitable for all types of polymerization lights such as halogen, plasma, LED, etc.
Ergonomic and handy design for daily mobile use
Integrated template to determine the diameter of circular light probes
Additional program to determine the light power in milliwatt [mW]
Digital display
Three-year warranty
Enables exact and unrestricted verification of the light intensity in [mW/cm2] and the light output in [mW] of all curing lights in the wavelength range of 380 – 550 nm


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