2023 Ivoclar Vivadent Programat EP 5010




Programat EP 5010
The Programat EP 5010 combines high-tech and modern design in a very efficient and user-friendly furnace. In addition, the Programat EP 5010 is optimally coordinated with Ivoclar Vivadent press ceramic materials such as IPS e.max Press.
The Programat EP 5010 is a premium combination furnace of the latest generation of the Programat series and may be used as both a press and a ceramic furnace. This highly innovative, efficient and user-friendly furnace model optimally combines sophisticated design and advanced technology.
The Programat EP 5010 features an integrated thermal imaging camera. The Programat Infrared Technology measures the exact temperature at the surface of the fired object or the investment ring. By means of the temperature control of the preheated investment ring, the preheating furnace and the press furnace can be optimally coordinated with each other. If the investment ring is preheated insufficiently, a warning is automatically displayed. If the furnace is used in the firing mode, the camera automatically controls the closing and predrying process. Thus, the integrated infrared technology provides a wealth of new possibilities which increase the furnace’s user-friendliness, process reliability and efficiency.
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The Programat EP 5010 can be intuitively operated by means of the large 7-inch colour touch screen and the proven membrane-sealed keypad. In addition to the many Ivoclar Vivadent programs, which are specially coordinated with materials such as IPS e.max Press, the furnace features 500 individual firing programs and 20 individual press programs.
The new QTK2 heating muffle in combination with the SiC bottom reflector ensures homogeneous heat distribution in the firing chamber. As a result, the investment ring is preheated more evenly and reliably. Furthermore, these features enable the user to press difficult-to-press objects, e.g. with very thin marginal areas, and to achieve even higher quality results.
The electronic press drive with force sensor ensures the precise control of the press plunger in the micrometre range. The integrated Crack Detection System (CDS) immediately interrupts the press process if a crack in the investment ring occurs. Therefore, restorations are optimally protected.

Programat Infrared Technology recognizes the size and controls the temperature of the investment ring and ensures optimum predrying processes.
QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector for homogeneous heat distribution.
Modern operating concept featuring a large 7-inch colour touch screen and the proven membrane-sealed keypad for easy and intuitive operation.
Optical status and progress display (OSD) informs the user about the current status of the furnace.
Electronic press drive with force sensor produces high-quality press results. No compressed air connection required.
Crack Detection System detects cracks in the investment ring.
Easy and automatic temperature calibration at two reference points (ATK2).
Simple software update via USB flash drive or WLAN.
Remote diagnosis function via data file for optimum support by a service centre.
Integrated multimedia functions (photo viewer, video and MP3 player).
Power Saving Technology for power-saving operation.
USB and Ethernet interfaces, SD card reader


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