2023 Ivoclar Vivadent Programat P510 Ceramic Furnace




Ivoclar Vivadent Programat P510 Ceramic Furnace

The Programat P510 combines high-tech and modern design in a very efficient and user-friendly furnace.
The intelligent Programat with infrared technology speeds up the firing process up to 25 per cent and enhances the firing results. The size or the number of restorations in the firing chamber is irrelevant. The new thermal imaging camera automatically controls the predrying and closing process.
The Programat P510 is operated by means of the large 7-inch colour touch screen and the proven membrane-sealed keypad. In addition to the many Ivoclar Vivadent programs, which are coordinated with materials such as IPS e.max, IPS d.SIGN, IPS InLine and IPS Empress, the furnace features 500 individual programs.
The QTK2 muffle technology represents a further innovation. It is responsible for ensuring homogeneous heat distribution and a prolonged life cycle of the heating element. Finally, the new vacuum pump control system with double valve technology ensures noiseless and power-saving operation.

-Integrated infrared thermal camera ensures an optimum predrying process
-Large colour touch screen and proven membrane-sealed keypad
-QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector
-Automatic double-range temperature calibration (ATK2)
-Remote diagnostics via Internet, e-mail and data log files
-OSD display of operating and progress status
-Power-saving technology
-Programat WLAN Kit for wireless data transfer (software updates, PrograBase x10)
-Selection of three different operating modes (normal, protected, production)
-Large cooling tray
-Multimedia functions (video player, MP3 player, photo viewer)
-Integrated timer


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