2023 Ivoclar Vivadent Programat P710




The Programat® P710 leads ceramic furnaces into the future with its unique cutting edge technology.
The intelligent furnace features groundbreaking image processing software called DSA (Digital Shade Assistant) which utilizes pictures of the tooth to be restored with three shade guide teeth and can then analyze the shade of the cervical, middle, and incisal sections of the tooth. This helps with proper material shade selection and detailed shading which results in natural, life-like results.
It also includes the Gloss Adjustment Assistant which allows the technician to increase hold time in glaze programs up to 100% with the touch of a button. It returns to the original settings after each firing and saves the time of setting individual programs.
Programat’s proven AIM™ infrared technology uses a thermal imaging camera to analyze the restorations and automatically control the pre-drying and closing times based on the exact time when the moisture in the ceramic has evaporated. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of cracks and porosity and increase process reliability and firing quality. Furthermore, it can also result in a time savings up to 20% depending on the size and number of objects and surface moisture.

Three-step heating and two-step cooling programs
Multimedia functionality which supports video, MP3 player, images and PDF
QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector for the utmost in even heat distribution
Automatic double-range temperature calibration (ATK2)
Operating Status Display (OSD) which indicates both operating mode and progress
Power Saving Technology
Power Fail Save System


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