2023 Ivoclar Vivadent Programat S1 1600




The exceptional sintering furnace.
The Programat S1 1600 is a compact and lightweight furnace for the sintering of zirconia. Its cutting-edge heating elements enable firing temperatures up to 1600˚C, ensure homogenous heat distribution, and are designed to endure intensive everyday use and have a long service life. Most important of all, it produces beautiful and accurately fitting restorations quickly.
Exceptional efficiency and ease of use
This furnace was designed in conjunction with IPS e.max ZirCAD and Weiland Zenostar® materials and allows users to select from its pre-set programs or create individual ones. Urgent cases can now be completed in a working day as it can sinter single unit copings in as little as 75 minutes and up to four unit bridges in 90 minutes*. Efficiency is increased both in terms of output through speed sintering and energy with decreased program times and its proven power saving technology.
Space can also be a factor in choosing a furnace, which is why it was designed to have the smallest footprint possible. While conventional sintering furnaces can weigh up to 220 lbs, the Programat S1 1600 comes in at 15.4” wide and 62 lbs, leaving ample working space.
Additional features such as optical status display, membrane-sealed keypad, USB connection, in-lab calibration, and the only removable sintering furnace head on the market make it a quality choice for discerning dental laboratories.

Sintering up to 1,600˚C for maximum translucency (when recommended by ZrO₂ manufacturer)
Speed sintering of single unit copings in 75 minutes and up to four unit bridges in 90 minutes*
Integrated speed programs for fully anatomical restorations with high translucency
Proven simple operation with user-friendly graphic displays and a membrane-sealed keypad
Power Saving Technology
In-lab calibration
OSD (Optical Status Display)
Remote control via PC/tablet via PrograBase3 software
Remote diagnostics
Free software upgrades
2 year warranty
Width of 15.4” and weight of 62 lbs
118-240V electrical connectivity


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