Melag Sun Quick Steam Sterilizer



Melag Sun Quick Steam Sterilizer

Fast and reliable dental equipment sterilizer, achieves high-temperature, quick sterilization in just 11 minutes, ensuring safety and efficiency.


Melag Sun Quick Steam Sterilizer

The Autoclave is a precision instrument designed for quick and efficient sterilization in dental practice. It is easy to operate, with intelligent control through a microprocessor and a user-friendly interface. This autoclave displays parameters and conditions actively, automatically evaluates malfunctions, and has built-in safety features like shutting off in case of excessive temperature or pressure. It is a reliable tool for ensuring the sterilization of dental instruments, with the responsibility falling on the dentist or their assistants for its proper use.


High-Temperature, Quick Sterilization:

  • Auto-closes at a high temperature of 134°C or lower.
  • Achieves steam sterilization in just 4 minutes.
  • The entire sterilization process takes only 11 minutes.
  • Can sterilize up to 12 dental handpieces or two sets of dental instruments in a single cycle.
  • Suitable for daily clinical operations, even for smaller dental equipment quantities.

Easy to Use:

  • Equipped with a pneumatic power switch for user convenience.
  • The sterilizer door securely tightens, initiating the sterilization process when closed.
  • Automatically ends the disinfection process when sterilization is complete.
  • Pressure approaches 0:00 before allowing the door to be opened for equipment removal.
  • Fully automatic operation with LCD display of temperature and pressure data.
  • Auto-exhausts after the sterilization cycle to ensure safety.

Safe and Reliable:

  • Automatic thermostat control stops heating equipment when the sterilization temperature reaches 134°C.
  • Maintains stable pressure throughout the entire sterilization process.
  • Features safety mechanisms, including the automatic release of the exhaust valve if pressure in the cylinder is abnormal.
  • Designed for the sterilization of dental equipment and dental handpieces.

Key Specification:

  • Model: SUN3-I
  • Inside of Quick Steam Sterilizer (Diameter x Depth):125mm x 195mm
  • Voltage: 220V ± 22V,50Hz ± 1Hz ; 110V ± 11V,60Hz ± 1Hz
  • Power: 500VA
  • Sterilization:(Pressure/Temperature): 200~230Kpa/134℃(both above are under standard atmospheric pressure)
  • Fuse-Melting Pipe: T15A;T30A
  • Water Fuel Volume Per Recycling Cycle: 0.15L
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40oC
  • Net Weight: 7.5 kg.
  • Net Weight: 7.75 kg.
  • Appearance Size: 30*19*35cm.
  • Package Size: 38*29*45cm.
  • Sterilization Time: 11min
  • Sterilizar Volume: 3 liters
  • Water Required: Distilled Water Or Purified Water.


  • 1 x Melag Sun Quick Steam Sterilizer

Direction to use:

Preparation Before Operation:

  • Before operation, please connect well to the power source.
  • Connect the power source hole under the back left side of the autoclave and the power socket by the attached power cable on the side of the product’s package so as to switch on the autoclave.
  • Push down the main power button at the right bottom corner of the front side, When the LCD display is bright it means that the autoclave get through with the electric power, and the process then is in initialization status with“LOAD” being shown on the screen.
  • The autoclave is not heated while under such initialization status.


  • Before the operation, please connect well to the power source.
  • When LCD displays bright it means that the autoclave gets through with the electric power, and the process then is initialization status with “LOAD” being shown on the screen.
  • The autoclave is not heated while under such initialization status.Other wise,you need to close the door by handle completely.Then press the“Start”button to start the sterilizing.
  • Waterfilling: First sterilizing need to fill no less than 150ml of distilled water ,after that, each sterilizing just need to fill 30ml of distilled water.(Note the water level should keep at the position of supporting basket frame).
  • After modification,on the status of”READY”,press the”START” key to start working.
  • Status display “END”,and has a beep after sterilizing process, then you can open the door and take the sterilized apparatus out.
  • The waiting time for next sterilizing is atleast 10 minutes,and ensure temperature decreasing enough.
  • Please shut off the main power supply when you don’t use the autoclave. (The light of power is off).



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