Planmeca Compact i Classic




Planmeca Compact I Classic is an ideal choice for the needs of general dentistry – a cost effective dental unit with all basic functions. The Compact Classic is a side lifting chair with a small cuspidor base to maximise legroom for both dentist and nurse consequently allowing optimised ergonomics, a smooth work flow and an excellent working position.
– Seamless Upholstery
– Standard Touchpad
– Spittoon with blue spittoon bowl
– Choice of hanging tubes or Continental delivery system
– 3 in 1 syringe, Electric Micro-Motor, Fibre Optic Midwest
– Standard Tray
– Unit Mounted LED Operating Light

Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Frame: cast aluminium alloy
Water inlet pressure: 300-900 kPa 43-130psi
Air inlet pressure: 550-900 kPa 80-130psi
Weight: approx 130kgs (290Ibs)
Please call for a delivery time and a detailed quote
Installation only – POA
5 Year Warranty
Wide range of options including scalers, cameras, curing lights etc


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