Planmeca Sovereign




Planmeca Sovereign
The most innovative
dental unit platform
Planmeca Sovereign® is a combination of sophisticated engineering and the latest technology, wrapped up in award-winning design. And it has been built with the future in mind, easily upgradeable to the latest features and innovations in dentistry.
Motorised movements open a new world of possibilities to organise your clinic based on the different clinical treatment needs. Daily work at the dental practice is made straightforward, pleasant and efficient without compromises.
Unique upright sitting position
The unique upright chair position is ideal for treatments performed with the patient seated, such as prosthodontics and orthodontics, or even tooth extractions. With the patient seated, correct jaw lines enable easy access to the treatment area. The dentist can maintain an ergonomic posture and has plenty of room around the chair.
Convenient patient entry and exit position
Planmeca Sovereign® features a unique sitting position allowing comfortable patient entry and exit. The chair can also be swiveled to face the patient entering the treatment room.
Optimal patient positioning
The length of the motorised backrest can be adjusted to optimally position patients of all sizes. Available only on Planmeca Sovereign, this innovative feature guarantees the best possible comfort for the patient and optimal working ergonomics for the dental team.Coordinated seat movements
As the seat tilts simultaneously with the backrest, patients don’t need to correct their position when the backrest is reclined. All movements take human anatomy into account when switching from one treatment position to another.
Swift conversion from right- to left-handed dentistry
Planmeca Sovereign can be instantly converted from right- to left-handed use. Its entirely symmetrical positioning makes it an ideal solution for larger practices where several dentists share the same dental unit. In case of clinic resale, full left/right conversion provides added value and increases the number of potential buyers.
Planmeca Sovereign® gives you exceptional solutions to specialist needs. Customise your unit with our unique features designed for any field of dentistry.
Perio Fresh™ system gives the patient a fresh taste in their mouth during periodontal treatments
Different scaler power modes controlled easily and hygienically via the foot control
Manage your clinic effectively
We are the first to offer an innovative linkage between our digital dental units and software. The dental units can be easily networked via Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management for automatic registration of user activities. A multitude of quality-assurance and remote maintenance related services are available for new and existing Planmeca dental unit users
Made of extremely durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam,
the Ultra Relax™ upholstery adapts perfectly to patient’s body shape,
allowing them to stay relaxed even during the longest treatment sessions.
The Comfy™ upholstery is made of durable artificial leather. The thin shape ensures excellent reach to the treatment area and the seamless design allows easy upkeep and enhanced infection control.
Both Comfy and Ultra Relax upholsteries come in a wide range of stylish colours.


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