Programat Ivoclar CS6 Combination Dental Furnace




Product Description

Status: New

European Warranty: Yes (Two Year)

Asian warranty: Yes (TwoYear)

North & South American Warranty: Yes (Two Year)

Caribbean warranty: Yes (Two Year)

Payment method: Telegraphic bank transfer,Crypto transfer and Ria transfer only.

Delivery method: 3/4 working days (door to door delivery).


Power supply                                                    110 – 240 V~ / 50/60 Hz

Overvoltage category                                       II

Acceptable voltage fluctuations                    ± 10 %

Max. power consumption                              1650 W

Max. current consumption                            16 A at 110–130 V~ / 9 A at 200–240 V~


Acceptable data for pumps of

other manufacturers / Max. out-put,            250 W /max. leakage current 0.75 mA / < 50 mbar

final vacuum

Dimensions of the closed furnace                  Depth: 494 mm

Width: 280 mm / 415 mm (without /with cooling tray)

Height: 450 mm / 573 mm (closed/open)

Usable size of the firing chamber                   Diameter: 55 mm

Height: 40 mm

Max. firing temperature                                   1560°C (2192°F)

Weight                                                                  28.5 kg

Radio protection /

electromagnetic compatibility                          EMC tested


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