Scheu Biostar With Barcode Reader – 3001



Scheu Biostar With Barcode Reader – 3001

Universal Pressure Moulding Device For All Applications In Practices And Laboratories



  •     The Highest Requirements
  •     Reaches Working Temperature in just 1 Second
  •     Patented Thermostatic Heater Control
  •     Featuring Scanning Technology
  •     6 Bar Working Pressure
  •     Coloured 3.2″ LCD Display
  •     Acoustic & Optical User Prompting
  •     Data Bank with Information on Scanned
  •     Material and Indications
  •     Illustrated Application Hints and Animated Videos
  •     Enlarged Model Cup
  •     Ergonomic Pellet Container
  •     USB Port for Simple Updating



    Top performance in all pressure moulding applications in practices and laboratories.

    Biostar Vi with the ability to increase the pressure to 6 bar this makes the versatile machine even more applicable for the dental pressure moulding technique and orthodontics. The new type of thermally controlled infrared heater reaches the working temperature in one second. Heating and cooling time are programmed and indicated on the display. The large model cup facilitates embedding of mounted models.

    The pellet container ensures optimal dispensing and storing of the pellets. AC: 230 V / 115 V / 110 V, 850 W Pressure: 0.5 – 6.0 bar Measurements: 450 x 230 x 260 (l x w x h) Weight: 16 kg. Not included in any schemes/offers.


  • 1 x Biostar With Barcode Reader 



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