SciCan AQUASTAT Water Distiller




Technology that’ll make a splash in your practice.
Eliminates water contaminants
Vaporizes tap water to kill and remove 99% of most contaminants
Protects your equipment
AQUASTAT produces the pure water necessary for autoclave sterilization in your office
The fast distilling and energy efficient AQUASTAT processes 3.78 litres (1 gallon) of distilled water in just 4.25 hours, with very low power consumption
Simply plug it in, fill with tap water and switch on
SciCan’s AQUASTAT distiller allows you to forget about buying expensive bottled water or risking damage to your equipment from poor quality distilled water. A patented energy saving design with unique distillation technology kills harmful bacteria and viruses by vaporizing water and then reconstituting it through condensation. The result is water that’s 99% free of most contaminants.
SpecificationsWeight 4.5 kg / 10 lbs
Dimensions L 406 mm x W 245 mm x H 384 mm
16” x 9 5/8” x 15” 1/8″


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