2023 Soredex CRANEX Basex




Soredex CRANEX Basex
Economical and functional
– without compromising image quality
The CRANEX® Basex is a basic panoramic unit. It has the most common imaging modes, the adult and child panoramic used in every day clinical work. The manual height adjustment, two positioning lights and the focal trough adjustment without numerical readout are the main differences compared to its ”big brother” the CRANEX® Excel.
With the CRANEX® Basex you can normally resolve most of the usual diagnostic tasks. It is the best choice to clinics, where the patient base consists mostly of cases for the general practitioner and the x-rays are used mainly for survey examinations. The image quality is of the same high standard as with the CRANEX® Excel.
Easy to use
Manual brake and counter-balanced vertical movement
Handles 95% of Panoramic imaging needs
Upgradeable to digital
Sleek modern design
0.5 mm focal spot, 63-81 kV, 6 or 10 mA
4-point head support system
Wheelchair accessible
2 imaging modes (adult & pediatric)
2 precise & clear positioning lights (Frankfort plane & focal trough)
The original, most precise, adjustable image layer focus
Easy to use centralized soft touch control panel
High frequency DC generator technology
User selectable spinal compensation mode


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