2023 Soredex CRANEX D direct digital panoramic and cephalometric system




Soredex CRANEX D direct digital panoramic and cephalometric system
-CRANEX® D Ceph features advanced cephalometric imaging movements that provide a true central projection image. This results in non-distorted constant magnification in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The image readout is accomplished using a narrow beam technique. Soft tissue filtration is adjusted automatically for the best possible diagnostic quality. With the use of the AES function, exposure values are selected automatically according to size of the patient’s head.
-CRANEX® D Ceph features a dual sensor design where the unit can be equipped with one or two sensors. If you take cephalometric images just occasionally the same sensor can be used for both panoramic and cephalometric purposes. For busy clinics, two sensors are preferred.
Cephalometric capabilities can be added at any time to CRANEX® D. This allows CRANEX® D to grow along with your practice.
The height of the digital cephalostat is controlled directly from the cephalostat. The 3-point head support can be rotated at 45º intervals and the nasion support can be adjusted vertically to support the head regardless of the patient size. The nasion support can be rotated out of the way during PA/AP projections.
Cephalometric field sizes
Full width: 22 x 26 cm (8.66” x 10.24”)
Reduced width: 22 x 18 cm (8.66” x 7.09”)
With the CRANEX D Ceph you can take both full and reduced size images. Cephalometric exposure takes from 8 to 20 seconds – .

Patient positioning
Good image quality can only be achieved if the patient is held accurately and firmly in position. CRANEX D® has a positioning system that gives you a good visibility to position the patient and supports the patient’s stability during the examination.
Stable, accurate positioning
Three positioning lights make it easy and accurate to position the patient in a correct way. The focal trough is positioned by moving the rotating unit – not the patient. This makes the positioning more comfortable for the patient and speeds up the positioning procedure. All motorized movements are handled from the unit’s control panel next to the patient.
The 4-point head support and a bite block help the patient to hold still during the examination and a swivel mirror allows you to verify the correct patient position.
Open design
The open design of CRANEX® D assures that the patient can access and leave the unit easily and comfortably. It gives you a clear visibility to position the patient and ensure the patient’s comfort and safety during the whole examination. The unique column is specially designed for wheel chair patients to access the unit and hold the correct position in a most comfortable way.
CRANEX® D features a Variable Panoramic Collimator (VPC) which is one of the keys to the outstanding panoramic image quality. By narrowing the width of the collimator while imaging the anterior teeth, the focal trough is expanded by 50% compared to conventional fixed collimation.


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