2023 Soredex CRANEX Excel




The EXCEL is a classic panoramic x-ray unit with a number of imaging programs that allow a wide range of diagnostic tasks to be carried out. The quality of the CRANEX® EXCEL together with its timeless design and ease of operation have made it one of the world’s most popular panoramic x-ray units.
Outstanding image quality
Innovative High-frequency DC generator optimises radiation output resulting in low patient dose. Small focus and narrow beam technique results in excellent visualisation of anatomic structures. Precise imaging geometry and optimum beam direction yields a continuous image that accurately depicts the shape of the dental arch. Uniform density and contrast equalizing compensation mode are features of the unit.
Unique AutoSet function
Automatic kV pre-selection feature selects the most suitable exposure factors based on the skull width. The width is automatically measured when the temple supports are closed. The operator just positions the patient as usual and presses the exposure button. No guesswork with the AutoSet.

Easy to use centralized soft touch control panel
User selectable spinal compensation mode
2 speed motorized patient height adjustment
Small focal spot
Imaging modes
adult panoramic
pediatric panoramic
open/closed bilateral TMJ
right/left/anterior segments
The original, most precise, adjustable image layer focus
3 precise & clear positioning lights
(Frankfort plane, mid-sagittal, focal trough)
4 point head support system
Wheelchair accessible
High frequency DC generator technology
Digital upgradeable

CRANEX® EXCEL has six imaging modes according to diagnostical requirements resulting in minimized patient dose.
Full adult panoramic program
Child panoramic program
Left side of dentition
Right side of dentition
Middle part of dentition
Open and closed bilateral TM-joint program on a single film
All programs can be easily selected from the direct-selection control panel.

With the SOREDEX patented patient positioning system the image layer can be adjusted without moving the patient. In addition, new 4-Point head support system, mirrors and three precise and clear positioning lights facilitate accurate and proper positioning of head
Motorized dual-speed vertical movement of the unit results in easy and exact height adjustment.
Easy-to-load flat film cassette with high quality film/screen combination permits rapid cassette exchange without patient repositioning.
One of the main requirements for reaching good image quality and projection is precise head position. The CRANEX® 4-Point head support system facilitates the most reliable fixation of head – better comfort for patient – simple for operator to use.


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