2023 Soredex CRANEX Tome Ceph




Soredex CRANEX Tome Ceph
The CRANEX® TOME CEPH has been designed for demanding orthodontic use. Motorised height adjustment and a smoothly operating head support maximise patient comfort and minimise the time needed to take exposures. This is especially important when children are being exposed.
The Cephalometric arm can be mounted on the left- or right-hand side according to the dental office layout.
The CRANEX® TOME can be upgraded to TOME Ceph at any time.
Selectable magnification ratio between 9 and 14 per cent.
The head support rotates in 45 degrees steps allowing lateral, PA and oblique projections to be taken.
Adjustable soft tissue filter with clear LED (light emitting diode) indicators guarantee correct filtration.
Smoothly operating yet rigid three-point head support ensures maximum patient stability and minimum discomfort.
The following configurations can be ordered:

Standard metric / Inch:
18 x 24 cm

Standard metric with large AV:
18 x 24 cm

Large metric:
24 x 30 cm

Technical data
Generator High frequency DC, operating frequency modulated 60-110 kHz
X-ray tube OPX 105 or equivalent
Focal spot size 0,5 mm, IEC 336
Min. total filtration 2,7 mm AI
Tube voltage 57–85 kV
Tube current 1,0 mA–10 mA
Exposure times panoramic 11-24 Sec. scanograms 6 – 24 Sec.
tomograms 14 – 56 Sec.
cephalometric 0,3 – 3,2 Sec.
Cassettes 15 x 30 cm panoramic
18 x 24 cm cephalometric
24 x 30 cm cephalometric, optional 8” x 10” cephalometric, optional
SID 560 mm panoramic 1632 – 1707 mm cephalometric
Line voltage 115 / 230 VAC +-10 % (50/60 Hz)
Fusing 8/16 A slow
Weight panoramic/ceph 138 kg / 145 kg
Space requirements panoramic/ceph Width 1000 mm/1867 mm
Depth max. 1480 mm
Height max. 2405 mm
Colour RAL 7035 and 9003
Electrical safe classification IEC 601-1 Class 1/B


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