2023 Soredex DIGORA PCT




Digital Extraoral Imaging System
Taking quality x-ray images for diagnostic purposes is a vitally important task in all dental practices.
It is essential that imaging systems and software are easy and convenient to use. The dentist can get the images quickly and then concentrate on what is really essential – treating the patient.

The DIGORA® PCT produces high quality digital panoramic, cephalometric and tomographic images. The system can handle the most common cassette sizes used in dental radiology.
Full Day-light system

DIGORAPCT is a full Day-Light System which can be used in normal lighting conditions of a dental practice.
Working with film, darkrooms and film processors are a thing of past. The time spent in a darkroom and waiting for the film processor can now be used more efficiently. Digital systems also eliminate the environmental problems of film processing chemicals.

DIGORA PCT converts any existing Panoramic and Cephalometric x-ray unit with standard size cassettes (metric and inch models available):
15 x 30 cm flat
18 x 24 cm
24 x 30 cm

15 x 30 cm flat
8 x 10 inch
10 x 12 inch

Occlusal size #4 (5 x 7 cm) and Intraoral size #2 (3 x 4 cm) Imaging Plates and adapters are also available as an option.
Accurate method for cephalometric and tomographic imaging
Darkroom not required
Excellent Resolution
90 second readout time (15 x 30, normal resolution)
User friendly, full daylight operation
Convenient automatic Imaging Plate erasure after readout
Easy to use DIGORA for Windows software
Comfortable working height
Optional intraoral imaging plate, size 2 (31 x 41 mm).
DIGORA PCT imaging plate size 4
Optional occlusal intraoral imaging plate, size 4 (57 x 76 mm).
EDO Exposure Distribution Optimiser
EDO (Exposure Distribution Optimiser)
EDO increases dynamic range (wide latitude). EDO will practically eliminate under and over exposures. EDO enhances smaller contrast details and differences in dark and light areas of the image.
DIGORA PCT image plate feeding system centraliser
Completely new and automated Image Plate Feeding System Centraliser
The new construction ensures smoother and accurate imaging plate feeding process.
New stand is stabile and easy to clean due to open design.
The usage of the DIGORA® PCT and Imaging Plates is easy and convenient. Simply substitute a film cassette with a DIGORA Imaging Plate cassette and take the X-ray image as you normally would.
DIGORA PCT image plate feeding system DIGORA® PCT has an automatic Imaging Plate feeding system and the unit is ergonomically designed with the correct height for convenient working. An essential part of workflow convenience is the practical and easy handling of the Imaging Plates. Imaging Plate readout starts automatically after closing the door. After readout the Imaging Plate is returned fully erased and ready for reuse.


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