2023 Soredex DIGORA TOTO DIGITAL SENSOR Intraoral imaging




Soredex DIGORA TOTO DIGITAL SENSOR Intraoral imaging
DIGORA Toto sensors employ the latest CMOS technology, having several benefi ts over traditional intraoral sensors. They have a very high signal-to-noise ratio and provide very clear images. The sensors have a very small pixel size and are able to depict the smallest clinical details. The CMOS chips have a wide dynamic range and produce consistent image quality.
Chip Type CMOS
Connection USB 2 High Speed
Wireless No
Capture Card Required No
Line Pairs (mm) 26,3 lp/mm
Megapixels Size 1: 1580 x 1050 pixels
Size 2: 1916 x 1358 pixels
Positioner Type Recommended:Kerr Sensor Holders. Compatible with Typical Sensor Holders.
Relative Film Size Size 1: 30.0 mm x 20.0 mm / 1.18 inches x 0.79 inches
Size 2: 36.5 mm x 25.8 mm / 1.44 inches x 1.02 inches
Image Storage Format Hard Drive
Image Storage Size Size 1 = 0.8 Mb, Size 2 = 1.3Mb
Software Included Yes
Training Yes
Bridging to Practice Management Software Yes, Software Development Kit Available for Integrations


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