2023 Soredex SCANORA 3D




Dental Cone Beam 3D X-ray system with dedicated panoramic imaging
The SCANORA® 3D offers superior versatility by combining Cone Beam 3D imaging, with three selectable and one optional fields of view, and dedicated panoramic imaging. At a press of a button, the unit automatically switches between 3D and panoramic imaging modes, making it quick and efficient to use.
Selectable 3D resolution
The SCANORA® 3D combines low dose, fast imaging and high accuracy. Standard resolution offers fast imaging with low dose, suitable for most diagnostic tasks.
High resolution improves accuracy at the expense of the imaging time and dose. The smallest attainable voxel (volume element) size is 0.133 mm.
electable Fields of View
The SCANORA® 3D Cone Beam dental x-ray machine offers three fields of view.
With three fields of view the proper image volume can be selected for each specific diagnostic task. The filed of view can be positioned anywhere within the maxillofacial area.
SCANORA 3D fields of view
The smallest field of view for the SCANORA 3D Cone Beam dental x-ray (60 mm x 60 mm) is ideal for single implant operations, localized dental problems and TM joints.
The medium field of view (75 mm x 100 mm) is suitable when the entire dental complex, including the mental and mandibular foramen, need to be examined.
The large field of view (75 mm x 145 mm) is ideal when the complete dentition, both TM joints and upper cervical spine, or maxillofacial area, with airways, must be examined.
New optional XL field of view.

Dedicated high quality panoramic option
At a press of a button the unit automatically switches between Cone Beam 3D and panoramic imaging modes making it quick and efficient to use.

The SCANORA® 3D offers superior versatility by combining Cone Beam 3D imaging with three selectable fields of view and dedicated panoramic imaging. At a press of a button the unit automatically switches between cone beam 3D and panoramic imaging modes making it quick and efficient to use.
Panoramic Imaging with AutoSwitchTM
SCANORA 3D AutoSwitchSCANORA® 3D Cone Beam Dental X-Ray Machine with Auto SwitchIn most examinations a panoramic image is the first step and provides an overview of the whole dentition. The SCANORA® 3D uses a dedicated CCD sensor for high quality panoramic imaging. The unique AutoSwitch feature changes between panoramic and 3D modes so that there is no need to manually change detectors nor completely reposition the patien

The SCANORA® 3D system has been designed to make the workflow as fast and efficient as possible. The unique AutoSwitchTM feature selects the detector according to the required imaging mode.
Rigid Patient Support
The SCANORA® 3D uses an integrated seat for superior patient support and accurate patient positioning. The chin rest and temporal supports firmly hold the patient’s head to eliminate movement artifacts in 3D and panoramic imaging.

Diagnostic software
-To maximize your benefit SOREDEX has decided to offer you OnDemand3D Application software to be used with SCANORA® 3D. While SCANORA® 3D’s own software acts as acquisition software and is optimized for all 2D related tasks, OnDemand3D Application is worldwide one of the best and easiest to work with 3D software solutions available.
-OnDemand3D supports the DICOM 3.0 standard and thanks to its modular structure, it serves a wide variety of professionals – from general practitioners to radiologists.
-SOREDEX is currently offering the following configurations and options:
OnDemand3D Application (Planning station)
-OnDemand3D Application is dental imaging software that provides 3D visualization of Cone Beam CT images. It includes MPR (Multi-Planar Reformat), panoramic, cross-sectional and TMJ views as well many functions for fast and precise diagnoses.

Main Functions
-OnDemand3D Application makes it possible to manage and organize dental Cone Beam images more easily and provides advanced tools for 2D and 3D analysis because of its wide variety of visualization and reformatting functions. The main functions of OnDemand3D Application are arranged in the following different modules.
DBM (Database Manager)
-DBM module manages DICOM data. You can store and manage the data on the local disk as well as on the OnDemand3D server or a PACS system. You can simply drag & drop the DICOM data to copy (or move) to a different location.
DBM is also capable of writing DICOM files to CD/DVD. You can store DICOM images on CD/DVDs including a DICOM CD Viewer.
DLB (Dynamic LightBox)
-Dynamic LightBox allows the quick and easy browsing of volumetric 3D images.
It provides axial, sagittal, and coronal views.
DVR (Dental Volume Reformat)
-Dental Volume Reformat allows 3-dimensional volumetric images to be reconstructed into specific reformatted dental images such as panoramic, cross-sectional, sagittal, and coronal images as well as TMJ. Not only conventional 2D images but also thickness imaging, MIP, and even 3D rendered images are supported. Implant simulation is also supported.
Implant Planning-
-Implant planning is a functional addition to the DVR module. It provides an implant library, simulations of implant placement, bone structure analysis and location of the mandibular canal.
-The 3D module provides state-of-the-art 3D visualization, segmentation, and analysis functions for DICOM images. The 3D module has various rendering modes such as VR (Volume Rendering), MIP/MinIP, and many more. Its unique 3D zoom function enables users to visualize small anatomical structures with a high degree of accuracy and quality.
X-ray Generation

X-ray Generation is a module for creating perspective-projected X-ray images such as lateral or frontal Cephalometric images. Just pick a pair of points that correspond to the virtual ear-rods and this module will generate the lateral Ceph X-ray image and frontal X-ray image in the same configuration and magnification as a real Cephalostat image.
Report and X-Report

The Report module keeps track of captured images in the OnDemand3D Application and you can create a custom report in multiple formats . Also, the Report module supports extended functions such as save, print, make films (by DICOM print) and transmit the captured images to DICOM/PACS servers. View sample report (14″ x 17″) (PDF, 570 kb).
OnDemand3D Viewer (Viewing station)

OnDemand3D Viewer is a simple but powerful DICOM viewer that provides quick and easy access to projects generated by the Ondemand3DTM App and original DICOM data.
With the OnDemand3D Viewer, you can view and manipulate your data from the local database as well as from the server. The OnDemand3D Viewer can import and retrieve DICOM data from the local hard drive, CD/DVD, local network, the OnDemand3D Server, and even 3rd party PACS Servers.
OnDemand3D Server

OnDemand3D Server is for storing and managing original DICOM data and project files that have been created in OnDemand3D App. OnDemand3D Server supports mutual transfer of images through PACS, and other networks configurations.


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